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Aperol Spritz
Aperol, bubbles, olives

Campari Spritz
Campari, blood orange, bubbles, rosemary

Aperol, elderflower, passionfruit, bubbles

Grapefruit Spritz
Tequila, Aperol, lime, pink grapefruit, cucumber

Pimms Spritz
Pimms, gin, strawberry, basil, ginger ale

Watermelon Spritz
Vodka, watermelon, mint, lime, bubbles

Pink Spritz
Sloe gin, cherrycello, bubbles, hibiscus

Kaffir Gin Fizz
Gin, kaffir lime, lemon, sugar, soda

The Fuck Up
Campari, Antica Formula, bubbles, olive


15oz Schooner


Boags XXX 8
Moo Brew Single Hop 9
Moo Brew Pilsner 9
Sailor’s Grave Drowned Man IPA 9.5
Moon Dog Love Tap Lager 9.5
Willie Smith Traditional Cider 10




Cascade Premium Light 7.5
Cascade Lager 8.5
Cascade Export Stout 9
Peroni 9


Moo Brew Dark 10
Moo Brew Hefeweizen 10
Moo Brew Mid Strength 10
Last Rites ‘love country’ IPA 12


Mountain Goat Summer Ale 9.5
Balter XPA 11
Sailor’s Grave Down She Gose 11
Edge Brewing Pomegranate Sour 11
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (500ml) 14


Franks Apple Cider 11
Franks Pear Cider 11
Pagan Cherry Cider 14
Gillespie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer 11


Amaro Montonegro 10
Averna 10
Fernet Branca 10


Applewood Cherrycello 9
Applewood Espressocello 9
Applewood Limoncello 9


Grappa Nonino 13
Romano e Lidia Levi Chamomile Grappa 14
Belgrove Rye 21


wines by the glass (extensive wines by the bottle list available in restaurant) 


Alpha Box & Dice Prosecco SA 11

Stefano Lubiana Brut TAS 14



2016 Stefano Lubiana Sauvignon Blanc TAS 13

2017 Stargazer Riesling TAS 13

2017 Bay Of Fire Pinot Gris TAS 13

orange & pink

2017 Tom Shobrooke Poolside SA 13

2017 Small Fry Tangerine Dream SA 12


2016 Stefano Lubiana Primavera Pinot Noir TAS 13

2017 The Other Right Away With The Pixies Pinot Noir SA 14

2017 Lucy Margaux Cabernet Franc SA 14