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Starters and share plates

Focaccia, whipped ricotta, extra virgin olive oil 7

Spanish olives marinated in citrus and spice 7

Bruschetta with olive tapenade, white anchovies 12

Bruschetta with grilled zucchini, ricotta, lemon, mint VGN/O 14

Smoked ocean trout rillette, pickled vegetables, crostini 12

Burrata (100g), grilled nectarine, prosciutto di San Daniele, focaccia  GF/O 21

Vegetable antipasto – grilled and roasted vegetables, mint pistachio pesto, pickles, olives, burrata, crostini SERVE TWO GF/VGN/O 26


Salumi antipasto – bresaola, prosciutto di San Daniele, Nduja spicy Italian sausage spread, hand cut salami, mortadella, pickles, crostini SERVE TWO GF/O 30


       V vegetarian
       VGN vegan
       VGN/O vegan on request
       GF gluten free
       GF/O gluten free on request

Slow dough woodfireD pizza

Anchovies, olives, capers, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, oregano V/O 22


Margherita, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil V VGN/O 22


Fresh prosciutto di san Daniele, mozzarella, burrata, shaved parmesan 24


Grilled zucchini, roast artichokes, mozzarella, gremolata V VGN/O 24


Cherry tomatoes, provolone, mozzarella, capers, garlic, balsamic caramel V VGN/O 24


Nduja - spicy Italian sausage spread, salami, fontina, basil 24


Lamb sausage, sweet onions, mint pistachio pesto, buffalo milk yogurt 25


Baby squid, garlic, chilli, lemon zest, parsley, olive oil 25


All pizzas can be made GF on request. Please note it is impossible to avoid all wheat contamination in our pizza kitchen.



Fresh house Pasta

Fresh Fusilli, sugar snap peas, green pea and parmesan stock, lemon, topped with more Parmigiano Reggiano V 25


Fresh spaghetti, grilled Australian prawns, spicy nduja, garlic, baby capers, parsley 28


Ricotta gnocchi, cherry tomato Pomodoro, basil, pangrattato, Parmigiano Reggiano V 26




Chicken cotoletta free range, pistachio, baby capers, parsley, olive oil, lemon, dressed leaves 25


Porchetta paddock bred, Wood oven roasted rolled pork with smoked pork jus, truffled pecorino roast potatoes GF 26


Today’s fish 150g, fregola, soft herb and lemon salad, puttanesca salsa GF/O 29



Cherry tomatoes, burrata, basil, olive oil, aged vinegar GF 18


Crunchy green salad, garlic croutons, radish, lemon, buffalo milk yogurt GF/VGN/O 13


Mixed bitter leaf salad, citrus, blood orange pressed oil, chardonnay vinegar GF/VGN 13



Roasted potatoes, truffled pecorino, confit garlic, sage GF 11


Grilled broccolini, pangrattato, lemon, olive oil vgn GF/O 11


Spiced roasted baby carrots, buffalo milk yogurt, sesame GF 11




Tiramisu with roasted hazelnuts 14 + a shot of Applewood espressocello liquor 19


Maxi-Buono; house made semifreddo ice cream sandwich, almond chocolate dip  14


Kaffir lime pana cotta, fresh citrus, toasted coconut GF 12


Cherry Ripe Sundae; chocolate sorbetto, housemade cherry sauce,  toasted coconut VGN GF 14




40g per serve, served with fig and chilli relish, crisp breads GF/O


       2 cheeses   22
       4 cheeses   36


L’Artisan Extravagant, organic cow’s milk, triple cream brie VIC


Il Fort Casio Di Bosco, Ewe’s milk, truffled pecorino ITA


Berry creek, cow’s milk, Tarwin blue cheese VIC


Mauri Fontina, cow’s milk, semi hard cheese ITA